Michele Keffen’s Art Set to Go Global

It’s been an interesting year and a half since Michele decided it was time to return to one of her abiding passions – Fine Art. With more than a passing nod to Abstract Expressionism and Gestural Abstraction her large and often colourful paintings are proving popular with those who can afford them.

Any who know her personally, is not generally surprised that in her typically merry, yet thought-provoking fashion she is throwing caution to the wind and unleashing the both the colour and darkness that lives undoubtedly inside her as she delves into the many and varied experiences of her highly complex and often alarming past.

Having survived a number of muggings and physical attacks, survived a stalker, given aid at refugee camps in Africa, helped a missionary avoid detection on a hostile border patrol, worked in genetic research groups, sewn and styled for a number of Royal Families, plus a whole gamut of other weird and wonderful experiences, some of which are far too sensitive and extraordinary to publish here, Michele has a lot to draw from.

She has an encyclopedic library of Art reference books and is a dedicated student of art history, enjoying any opportunity that arises to spend time studying the greats as well as her favourite, not-so-well-known cross culture artists.

Already her art is attracting the attention of a number of high profile buyers and galleries around the globe. Her intention is to launch her first exhibitions later in the year and at least for the time being, put fashion to one side. She also intends to focus on conceptual works including installation sculpture during the year ahead.

For the time being, keep track of her work at www.michelekeffen.com and www.facebook.com/MicheleKeffenArt.